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As many of you know, iFramecash(dot)biz is down (as well as its related site, extrememoney(dot)biz).  This is a nasty group that runs exploits through ads.  

Well, they are actually running just fine, thank you — albeit at a different site, iframemoney(dot)biz.  In fact, here’s the whole happy bunch:     iframemoney biz  Charles Manuel     xarwiroozc biz           Charles Manuel     xcytxcxqrb biz  Charles Manuel     xdnsupulub biz              Charles Manuel     xepvdhdnzs biz              Charles Manuel     xffsktxdul biz     Charles Manuel     xgbgsfmdis biz              Charles Manuel

Of course, in typical style, their site is replete with the black car and funky techno music. After all, the life of a spyware scum must be glamorous, no?   (Hey Boris, let’s pwn some machines and then hit teh disco yah!)



Alex Eckelberry
(Thanks to Sunbelt researcher Patrick Jordan and our friends at MAD)