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We had an interesting theory put forward in the comments section in relation to the mass of “watch movies online” spam on Twitter. How did someone grab all of those logins? Well…

“I wonder if it had to do with the Gizmodo hack, since I was using the same password there and hadn’t remembered to update my Twitter one.”

Of course, this refers to the Gawker hack that took place not so long ago. Stuffing login details into spam tools was always going to return some accounts not reset by third party sites or the account owners, hence the insane blast of movie spam yesterday.

At this moment in time, the spamming is still continuing though the messages posted seem to have changed somewhat. Although none of the links appear to be carrying any malicious content, it’s still a good idea not to go signing up to movie sites promising content galore. None of the sites I’ve seen give any kind of free preview, and you’re effectively handing money over to The Wallet Inspector and crossing your fingers that he isn’t going to jump on the next bus out of town.

Funnily enough, I can hear an engine revving

Christopher Boyd