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Our man in the UK Chris Boyd got this via a contact. It was from a Twitterer who obviously had his Twitter login stolen:

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(Twitter apparently is filtering this URL at this point.)

The link led to a phishing page that used the deceptive tactic of showing an error message: “Wrong Username/Email and password combination.” You login, it steals your Twitter password, sends the above Tweet to all your contacts and continuing rounding up passwords.

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If you’re “ill-informed” enough to log in to the phishing page, it snatches what ever username and password you’ve entered and passes you along to the Twitter log-in page. We made up a username and password and it took them. The real Twitter log-in page would have given you an error notification.

 There are two pieces of evidence here that you’ve been phished: Firefox asks if you want it to remember the password which you just gave to – obviously the phishing site (up since July 12). And there’s the Twitter “sign in” button on the page. That wouldn’t be there if you had really logged in.

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This is phishing. The safe practice in this situation is: don’t log into pages that you get as links in emails. Go to the site yourself: type in the URL or use your bookmark.

Thanks “Just_this_time”

Tom Kelchner