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In my mind, there’s no better way to read RSS feeds than through your email program.  That’s why I’m a big fan of RSS Popper.  However, it only supports Outlook and Outlook Express.

Steve Bass over at PC World wrote recently about Squeet  — a service which delivers RSS feeds to any email.  If you want to sign up for this blog through Squeet, just click here and enter your email address.

He also mentions another service, Blogarithm, which one of his readers likes because “they will e-mail you daily with a list of what has changed on your favorite blogs, if anything. They give you the top couple of lines, so you can determine if you want to click through and read the rest.”

Sounds like a matter of personal preference. 

A side note:  On this blog are two RSS feeds: FeedBurner and Atom.  You can use either one. 

Alex Eckelberry