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Chris Boyd (left) with Sunbelt Software CEO Alex Eckelberry at RSA 2008

Chris Boyd (AKA Paperghost), a spyware and privacy researcher based in the UK, has joined the Sunbelt Software research team and will be contributing to the Sunbelt Blog. Chris is a Web 2.0 security specialist with a significant background in the exploits and hacks in online computer games.

He was the former Director of Malware Research at Facetime, a Belmont, Calif.-based Web 2.0 and unified communications security firm. He is a five-time Microsoft MVP, CNET Top 100 Blogger and has been responsible for numerous discoveries in security. He has spoken at computer security conferences including RSA, ASC and InfoSec Europe.

He has specialized in investigating the scams of adware vendors such as Direct Revenue and Zango. Evidence he uncovered was used in the 2006 New York Attorney General v. Direct Revenue case.

He has presented his research on his web site since 2004.

When Boyd isn’t researching security issues he’s listening to Mahler and indulging his interests in videogames, anything Batman related, collecting old consoles and watching Hong Kong cinema on which he did a dissertation for his BA(Hons) in fine art.

Tom Kelchner