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The Information Law Institute is holding a workshop on spyware in New York, March 16-17. Eric Howes, our director of malware research, will be there.

Join us for this workshop when experts from academia, industry, government, and public interest advocacy organizations examine spyware in the broader context of computer security, governance of the information infrastructure, and the rights of individual computer-users in relation to public and commercial institutions with which they interact online. Panelists will address questions about the nature of spyware, its prevalence, it perpetrators, its harms, and its victims. They will reveal motives and incentive structures behind it as well as the technical and regulatory context that makes it possible, and they will deliberate over solutions strategies, whether individual or social, whether technical, economic, educational, or legal. Our aim is to achieve meaningful progress toward a well-rounded understanding of spyware and related issues at the intersection of computer security and social values. We anticipate and welcome a diversity of viewpoints and voices.

Link here.

Alex Eckelberry