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More information is coming out about the trial, and it’s clear that we have a miscarriage of justice here. I hope to write more today or over the weekend as to some of the new information (short on time right now).

However, Altnernet just posted an article which explains a lot more about this case. It’s generally accurate, based on the research I’ve been doing:

When lax cybersecurity meets anti-porn hysteria, an innocent computer infection can land you in jail. Just ask Julie Amero, a 40-year old substitute teacher who maintains she’s a victim of a malicious software infestation that caused her computer to spawn porn uncontrollably.

Alternet also spoke to the defense’s forensic expert, Herb Horner. I’ve spoken with Herb as well, and he’s a good guy and is absolutely devastated by what happened. He’s quoted in the article:

“This whole trial was so unfair,” Horner said. “When Julie was convicted, I went home that night. I was eating dinner, and I started crying. I just cried my eyes out. This was a total travesty of justice.”

He’s right.

Alternet link here.

Alex Eckelberry