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Today, we released version 5 of iHateSpam.  Initially, this release will support Outlook, and by the end of the quarter, we’ll have support for Outlook Express and Thunderbird (for now, people wanting spam protection for Outlook Express should download iHateSpam 4). 

Upgrades to this new version are free for current iHateSpam customers under a maintenance plan.

This new version was developed in partnership with our friends over at Cloudmark, and it is light years ahead of our prior version (which, frankly, had gotten long in the tooth).

There’s a long, long story behind iHateSpam.  It was the first security product I launched shortly after coming to Sunbelt in 2002, and I have lots of memories with this little tool (and a few tales to tell, but that’s for another time).

Feel free to take it for a spin.  It’s a really nice desktop antispam solution, and it’s priced to be a no-brainer.  Product page link here, company PR here.

Alex Eckelberry