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Sunbelt Software’s E-mail Security scored a Spam Catch (SC) rate of 98.77 percent in Virus Bulletin’s VBSpam tests. The testing uses VB’s live email stream as well as a spam test set provided by Project Honey Pot. The tests measure false positive rate and the spam catch rate.

Virus Bulletin tested fifteen different antispam products and included two new categories of spam in this test including ‘image spam’ consisting of spam emails that contained at least one image and ‘large spam’ comprised of a body size of at least 50,000 bytes. Both types are notoriously difficult to filter.

“Over the past few years, Sunbelt has become a big name in the world of computer security…the product certainly has a good spam catch rate and won a VBSpam award with relative ease,” wrote Virus Bulletin in the review.

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Tom Kelchner