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One of the developments in the wonderful world of rogue security products last year was the appearance of rogues imitating utility software such as defraggers.

Rogues had impersonated anti-virus products for many years. That was confusing enough for inexperienced Internet users. There were, however, several sites where lists of legitimate AV software were available (ICSA Labs, Virus Total and Virus Bulletin are three.)

Finding a list of “defragmentation” utilities, or defraggers was tough though.

Donn Edwards, a database programmer who has a software company in Johannesburg, South Africa, named Black and White Inc., contacted us over the holidays to point out that he is maintaining a page on his site to do just that. His site, which appears to have gone up last June, presents his independent reviews. lists real defrag utilities…

and it also lists fakes


Nice work Don.

Tom Kelchner