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Earlier today I wrote about Scandoo.  But based on a user’s report, the product is perhaps not ready for prime time.

For example, a search for Kazaa yields this result:


Since Kazaa bundles Direct Revenue, one would think that it would not be rated “green”.

Similarly, bundles adware, but is rated green by Scandoo. (fifth Google result for “Ibis llc”), makers of the notorious IBIS WebSearch toolbar, is rated green by Scandoo.  And (seventh Google result for “ringtones”) distributes Zango, but is rated green by Scandoo

In addition, Scandoo doesn’t rate search engines’ ads.  We know from a past study by SiteAdvisor that ads are where the dangers lies: 2-3x as many dangerous sites are in ads as in organic results.  

It looks like a promising service but it does needs a bit of work.    (Note that SiteAdvisor isn’t perfect either and is still a work in progress.)

Alex Eckelberry