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A prominent journalist told me at CES, “There are only two people who will use Vista: Those forced to when they buy a new PC, and those who will upgrade in 5 years”.

Now a blogger weighs in on Vista with guns blazing, even associating poor Humphrey, the three-legged camel:

Opinion. It sucks. It’s a complete mess; a dog’s breakfast. It’s bug-riddled; it contains legacy features that hark back to Windows 3.1, and, worst of all, it can’t be trusted with your valuable data. The user interface only looks slick; underneath it’s a slapped-together hotchpotch of brain-dead, dysfunctional and downright buggy features. Windows Vista was surely designed and built by the same well-meaning but thoroughly misguided committee of morons who were responsible for the three-legged Bactrian camel named Humphrey.

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I’ve certainly expressed some doubts as well, but I wouldn’t characterize it as that bad.

Forget Linux, which will dominate on the server, but not on mass market desktops (sorry, Linux people, I’m a huge Linux fan but this is the simple truth). Think Apple: Will 2007 be beginning of the tipping point for Apple? I played Job’s iPhone keynote address to my kids and they were enthralled. No one cared about Gates’ keynote. Apple has captured the minds and hearts of the youth generation, and their humorous but irritatingly arrogant TV ads notwithstanding, there are few reasons not to get a Mac these days. After all, we’re in the LoneyGirl15 generation now. It’s all about the web.

Alex Eckelberry