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A customer, Nigel, just sent this email on our VIPRE tutorial video:

I have just installed it and all is well except for one thing — the installation tutorial (the one labeled Welcome to Vipre). The music that accompanies the explanations is so extraordinarily irritating and distracting that I literally found it impossible to stay focused on what was being said. Had I not been a committed customer of Sunbelt, I would have been tempted to ask for my money back on the theory that I can’t trust anyone with such terrible taste in music and lack of appreciation for the customers’ feelings or intelligence.

Err. I was the one who made that video. And chose the music. And did the voiceover.

So now that I’ve been found out to be the Philistine lout that I truly am, I decided to set matters right: I made a new video for anyone who wants a more pleasing sound, using Pachelbel’s Canon, played by Ray Hutchings on the piano. You can watch it here (prepare yourself).

We’ll do almost anything to make a customer happy.

Alex Eckelberry