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“That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” (until you thrown in a different top level domain)

The UK National Schools Film Week web site url, is uncomfortably close to a… ah, film site that… ah… well… ah… you probably wouldn’t want kids looking at.

 That site, (Not Safe for Work) has a lot of films available too, however — how does one put this — does the slang term “pr0n” have any meaning for you?

The National Schools Film Week (NSFW) site (that’s dot-ORG) “provides teachers and their students the opportunity to see a wide range of films at local cinemas entirely free-of-charge.

“The Festival’s goal is to support classroom teaching by providing schools with a powerful experience for their students that links directly to elements of the curriculum, supported by an on-line library of resources related to individual films and more generic topics, essentially an extension of the classroom.”

Now NSFW-dot-COM provides a “powerful experience” and “online library” as well.


Clearly, with the gift of hindsight, we can say that when you chose a name for your web site check for similar acronyms, similar names in different domains and check for sites that are just one typo away.

Actually, we just did a check. is a penis pill site:


Thanks steeleweed

Tom Kelchner