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Front page of Adotas, an article about Bill Day of WhenU:

After talking to adware players, vendors and proponents, Day eventually hooked with New York-based WhenU in October 2004. In doing so, he immediately set about to change the company’s strategy, technology and policies. “When I came in, I made a lot of changes because I had a long-term vision that it’s about getting to a model where users receive excellent advertising, and go through an entirely above-board process for how the software gets on the computer. If you want to uninstall, you can uninstall. All our ads are branded heavily, and we actually offer an 800 number on the ad itself. These are things that most other people don’t do – I hope they do in the future – but they’re basically what I like to call the ground rules for properly competing in the space. We’re looking to continue to do things to generate user value.”

Link here.

Alex Eckelberry
(Thanks Amanda)