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Whonu was launched about a year ago as a metasearch tool (meaning, it searches multiple search engines) by developer Derek Franklin.  It’s been evolving.

One thing caught my eye: His choice of a name (one letter away from adware maker Whenu) is unfortunate. Of course, the name means “Who knew”, and I suspect Derek simply never realized he was so close to WhenU in name. Kind of reminds me of famous marketing misnomers, like the Ford Pinto (meaning “small genitals” in Brazil) and Chevy Nova (meaning “it won’t go” in Spanish). Correction

Anyway, putting all that aside, I ran a few quick searches on it and it’s not bad, although I certainly have not done any exhaustive analysis of it. 

Whonu link here.

(Oh, and  Derek’s not the only one.  Here’s a few other unfortunately named products that are close to adware products in name:  Zengo and Clario.  Feel free to add others you can think of in the Comments section.)

Alex Eckelberry
(Hat tip)