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When you spend your day scouring the Internet (and Sunbelt labs) for news about computer security topics you cover a lot of territory. Once in a while you just have a weird day. You run into a lot of strange stuff. Today is one of those days.

Yahoo’s tech blog is carrying a story about a man in Santa Fe, New Mexico, who is suing because he has “electromagnetic sensitivity” and can’t live in his own home because of the radiation from his neighbor’s wi-fi network.

He says in his suit that her cell phone, fluorescent lights and dimmer switches also cause “life-threatening reactions, which include heart arrhythmia.”

I hope nobody tells him that people use Wi-fii to log onto to the Internet and everybody knows that’s full of viruses and bots. And there’s no frost in Santa Fe to kill the bots either.

And don’t get me started about the deadly flux fields from those refrigerator magnets.

“Wi-fi ‘sensitivity’ draws lawsuit from next-door neighbor”


Whoa boy! There some history there. Plaintiff Arthur Firstenberg has been at this for a while.

Tom Kelchner