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Sunbelt is very lightly staffed today if you’re trying to get a hold of us.  

While we are not in the direct path (we’re in the Tampa area), we did get some tropical storm conditions.  Last night, we advised all employees not to venture out if there’s any doubts as to road safety.  Also, since schools are closed, many parents have to stay home today to take care of their children.

The people who really got hit are down south from us, in Ft. Myers and Naples.  Now we’re seeing the eye venture over areas like West Palm Beach and it’s still a very strong storm (cat 2). 

It’s a pretty incredible storm, much like Charley in its speed but much larger. 

Btw—our weather right now is beautiful.  High winds with temperatures in the 60s.  We’re looking at a relatively “cold” Florida this week as we get down to the 50s.  


Alex Eckelberry