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CNET UK is reporting that copies of Windows 7 have been mailed to customers in the UK several days before the official release date (tomorrow). According to the CNET UK blog, Microsoft allowed it in anticipation of a postal strike by carriers with the Royal Mail.

This means that for the next few days, Internet users in the UK can expect:

— Spam, both malicious and non-malicious, with Windows 7 themes (“REVERSE ERECTILE~DISFUNCTION WITH WINDOWS 7!”)
— Twitter tweets and Facebook mail with links to sites where you can download something infectious that has a Windows 7 title
— Trojaned copies of Win7 from P2P networks
— About a dozen rogue security programs with names like “WINDOWS 7 PROTECTOR GUARD SECURITY COP SCOUT”
— A few dozen reviews with titles like: “Windows 7 is probably better than VISTA,” “Windows 7 – so when is the first service pack?” and “How long can you milk Windows XP?”

CNET UK story here.

Tom Kelchner