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This is a local woman.  What’s surprising is that the police here seem to think she was culpable.   I’m not sure if they really understand the Nigerian scam business. In other words, she may be stupid but I’m not all that sure she actually understood what was happening here.

Toni Chaffer says she just wanted a job and hoped to find one in cyberspace, so she posted her resume on

A few days later a woman from Nigeria e-mailed her with great news — an offer for a position in accounts receivable.

“Basically what she stated was that she was going to have money orders sent to me,” Chaffer said. “(She said) that her father had left her a fabric and textile business, Jeram Fabric and Textile in Nigeria, and that she had just moved over there and her father had died and left it to her in his will, and that she was just trying to get her business up and running. That she was just a single woman trying to make a living.”

…”The criminal investigation of her uttering these forged instruments will go forward and be presented to the state,” said sheriff’s office spokesman Mac McMullen. “And the state will take whatever action they deem necessary. This report has also been furnished to our economic crimes division.”

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Alex Eckelberry
(Thanks Adam)