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Google adwords phishing

Here’s a new one: Google Adwords phishing. According to the folks over at CSIS, the email reads like this:Dear Google AdWords Customer!In order to update your billing information, please sign in to your AdWords account at, and submit your...

Dumb 419 scam

The phish basically says “I’m a student in Abidjan (the Ivory Coast), and I need money for school.  Please send it to me.”(Please, no jokes from French people saying that this will work on Belgians, and vice-versa.)Alex

Sony chops crapware charge

Follow-up to my previous blog entry: In what must be the fastest turnaround in corporate history, Abary told me that the $49.99 charge is dead. “We didn’t intend that to happen,” he said, blaming the snafu on an internal miscommunication. “We’re removing the $49...